Thursday, August 18, 2011

my first post.

My mom won't let me be on face book even though some of my friends are on it. She said I had to be at least 13. That's forever! So I asked her if I could have a blog but she said if I put stuff on the internet it would be worse than when I learned to talk and started telling everyone her business. Like that time at Christmas dinner when I told everyone she only smoked cigarettes when she drinks. She said I had to learn "discretion" first. After I looked up the word in my dictionary I asked mom how she could teach me something she doesn't do. She called me a wise butt but used the bad word instead of butt. I guess that means my brains are in my butt. I told her if I had a blog too I could practice my typing and writing. My teachers keep telling me to write more detail in my writing homework. She said I could type this post as practice and then she would think about it. That usually means no. If you think I should have a blog please tell my mom. Thank you. Love Tom. PS I like this picture because I have red hair and the boy has a dog. My mom won't let me have a dog until I learn "responsibility".

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