Monday, December 19, 2011

Altar serving.

So I've been serving at mass for about a month now. I'm sort of getting the hang out of it but I still get real nervous right before hand. I'm afraid I'm going to drop something or trip over my robes. I almost got one other servers in the neck with the paten this weekend. The kneeling is the worst part. It starts to hurt my knees while the priest goes over all the names of the saints in the prayers. There must be a million saints and he names them all!

Anyway, now my mom makes me fast before mass since I'm old enough and receive Communion. I hate it because I serve at the vigil masses and I'm usually starving by the time mass is over. But this last time I learned the practical reason we don't eat before mass. I can't imagine being stuck at the altar with a full bladder like that other kid. Yeah, I bet I get scowled at good and hard if I did the pee-pee dance in the middle of mass.


  1. yes- you got it- some of the Church's laws have very practical aspects to them

  2. Absolutely! Whenever you think a rule doesn't make sense, it's best to obey it ... chances are, it will make sense someday.

  3. I can remember thinking the same things when I was an altar server! I was in between robe sizes so one size was always too long and the other was too short!