Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I made my teacher mad today

My mom and her friend went to see the people living in tents downtown. She said they were down there protesting being poor and that they hate the government and taking showers or something like that. She told me about their hand signals and we watched a youtube video. We thought the twinkle fingers were really funny. Anyway, my new teacher this year is always talking about how awesome she thinks Obama is and how she supports the people living in tents and not brushing their teeth so I told her about my mom going down there. She seemed impressed that I knew about it but she doesn't think it's too funny that now I use down twinkles when she says something I don't like. At lunch today I showed my friend Jake and Josh down twinkles and when she gave us homework over Thanksgiving we all gave her down twinkles in class. Now my mom has to go meet with the principal next week. My teacher has no sense of humor. My mom said she wasn't mad and that she just might down twinkle the principal.


  1. Dear Tom,

    I want to keep you. Your mom might let me if I ask nicely. I promise I'm friendly.

  2. Dude, if I would ever up-twinkle something, which I never would, it would be this post.

  3. Dear Tom,
    You are doing a great job raising your mom. Keep up the good work!
    Ink's Mom
    P.S. Ink has little sisters (no brothers). Thanks for always amusing her!

  4. Remember, if you wan to be a real protestor, tell your teacher you're just trying to not "let the man get you down" and when sent to the principal's office, sitting in it and refusing to leave is a well respected form of protest that hippies like.
    Note: Do not take this advice before consulting with your mother.

  5. I thin your blog is wonderful. Keep it up! You made me laugh out loud.